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FAQ's - Accord Card Application for Primary 7 Pupils

When will my child receive their card?

Your child will receive their card on the orientation day at their secondary school.

How do I make sure the card will be sent to the correct school?

The Accord Office will confirm pupil's details with each secondary school and it is therefore important that you promptly return your placement request from the secondary school your child will be attending. This will ensure that your child's Accord Card is being delivered to the correct school.

What if my child will be attending an Aberdeenshire school?

If you reside in Aberdeen City your child can use his/her Accord Card at their Aberdeenshire school and we will sent the Accord Card to your child's home address during the summer break. Please do note that you will not be able to top up online using the Aberdeen City Council website. This is because Aberdeenshire Schools use a different cashless catering system. For more details about school catering at Aberdeenshire Schools please visit Aberdeenshire Primary School Catering

What if my child will be attending a non-local authority school?

If you reside in Aberdeen City you can apply for an Accord Card. Although it cannot be used for catering purposes, all the other entitlements and services are available. The Accord Card will be sent to your child's home address over the summer break.

My child already has an Accord Card do I need to apply?

Yes you need to apply for a new card. This is because your child is now applying for a new service.

My child uses cashless catering at a primary school. What happens to the balance when s/he moves to secondary school?

Providing your child attends an Aberdeen City Council secondary school any remaining balance will be transferred from their primary account to their secondary account for the start of the S1 term. If your child goes to a non-local authority school or an Aberdeenshire school, contact the Accord Office at the end of term and we arrange a refund of the remaining balance.

I have been locked out the Primary 7 application what do I do?

If you have been locked out please contact the Accord office by phoning 03000 200293 and we unlock the appliaction for you.

Why have I been locked out of the Primary 7 application?

The validation process in Stage 2 uses school data, if you have been locked out it is possible the information the school hold about your child may be incorrect.